Keeping Your Dog Safe This Halloween

Halloween can be a fun time for your family… but then the doorbell rings and your usually calm dog turns into a deranged barking maniac. Strange people concealed behind costumes, ringing doorbells, and the sound of kids running down the street can cause your dog to panic and become consumed by anxiety.

It is important to understand that Halloween is not a good night to break out a bark control device, as the stress of the night is going to take precedence over any corrections you try to implement.

But there is still hope! With the tips below you can have a fun, stress-free night with your furry companion – whether you choose to stay in, or go out.

  • Keep your dog away from the door. This will ensure that they don’t try to escape – or scare the children if they are loud barkers.
  • Make sure your dog is wearing proper identification with their name and your phone number. If they have a microchip   make sure it is up to date.
  • Keep all Halloween candy, and other potential toxins, away from your dog like chocolate.
  • If you do take your dog out, keep them secure on a leash and keep a close eye on them.
  • Make sure your dog stays visible in the dark with a reflective vest or harness.
  • If your dog is already prone to anxiety, keep them in a quiet calm area, away from the ringing doorbell. You can also try some anxiety solutions, like calming pet drops or CBD-infused treats.
  • If you like dressing your dog up, be mindful of the costume you choose. Stay away from outfits with rubber bands, as they could fit too tightly or could become a choking hazard if chewed on. Also make sure the costume isn’t blocking their vision, as your dog could become jumpy when they can’t see properly.
  • And finally, never your dog alone in the car while out trick-or-treating. Dark cars with loud and unfamiliar sounds around them can cause your dog extreme anxiety.

Following these tips will ensure that everyone has a safe and spooktacular Halloween! 🎃

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