Pro Tips for Using the Dog Silencer

With these tips, you can use the Dog Silencer® like a Good Life Bark Control Expert. Our help doesn't end here either. If you have any questions, please ask us by calling us at 1-800-657-8214, messaging us via , or emailing us!

  • All dogs are different: Sensitive dogs can respond to the device in a couple of days. Other bigger, bolder dogs can take longer to train. Even up to 2 to 3 weeks. Consistency is key, and make sure the Dog Silencer is only activating when the dog barks.
  • Focus on the training: The Dog Silencer is a training device. The dog must learn that the sound emitted by the Dog Silencer is a direct result of the barking behavior. Eventually the dog will think, “Hey! Every time I bark, I hear that nasty noise!”
  • The Indicator Light: The green LED light on the front of the Dog Silencer should only blink when the dog barks. It should never be on continuously. If you notice the light blinking because of other noises, try adjusting down the sensitivity dial to cut out the false positives.
  • Does not work through walls! Just like shouting at someone from the other room, the sound waves emitted by the Dog Silencer can be muffled by solid objects. For best results, try to get a clear line of sight to the dog, and try to get it as close as possible. Avoid solid walls, fences, and thick hedges. For more information, see this blog post.
  • Worked at first, now it doesn't? Make sure the Dog Silencer isn't activating to sounds other than the barking. This will confuse the dog and detract from the training. Adjust the sensitivity dial in order to get consistent activations.
  • What’s the remote for? The remote is for when the dog is too far away for the Dog Silencer to detect the barking and activate automatically. If the barking dog is outside of the Dog Silencer's range, you can manually activate the unit with the remote control – up to 75 feet away.

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