Q&A: Will the Collar Be Strong Enough for My Big Dog?

Q: I'm interested in the ultrasonic and vibe bark collar but I have a very large dog. I'm concerned firstly that it won't be strong enough and secondly about the collar sizing. Dog is 150 lb Presa Canario, very wide neck.

A: BarkWise collars are one size fits most. Dogs that are 8 lbs or larger with neck sizes 6–24″ wear the collar comfortably. Your dog can use their own collar if you want to make sure it has a good fit or your dog has a preference. Small dogs, such as those that are 5 lbs, tend to find the collar a wee bit too big, though.

Breed and size don't make the determination. The ultrasonic sound and vibration used by our BarkWise collars tend to get most dogs' attention. Hearing impaired dogs will not see success with the sound, but vibration works perfectly well.

Usually, it can come down more to the “why”. Why is your dog barking? Some barking, such as aggressive, anxiety, protective or territorial, may need other training tools or methods to see results. We can help you find the product or steer you in the right direction for training that works.

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