What Do Porcupine Quills and Crowdfunding Have in Common?

This is one of those articles that's reader beware, as we have all heard of dogs getting into trouble with these four-legged rodents, however, I don't think any of us could ever imagine just how bad things can really get. Before you click on the link below you will also be glad to know that even though what you are about to view is nothing short of “OMG!” these two dogs survived the ordeal and are doing fine.

Let me introduce you to Mahalo, Nestah, and Solijah. These guys go everywhere with their owner Dennis, so it would be nothing new when these three took a short walk one evening with their owner. Dennis is a youth worker and works with special needs kids. These dogs are loved by many of the kids Dennis works with every day.

On this particular walk they ran into this spiny little rodent and the rest, as they say, was history. Mahalo took the worst hit, nearly losing her life, after several quills began migrating to her lungs and heart. Nestah received a muzzle full of quills while Solijah received the lightest of the bunch with just a few in his lower jaw. With no other choice Dennis took to social media and crowdfunding as his vet bills were nearing almost $6,000. He has managed to raise thousands all in an effort to help these dogs as well as literally save Mahalo's life. If it was not for so many generous people out there Mahalo probably would not have survived and Nestah and Solijah may not have recovered as well as they did. Kudos to all who chipped in, and the next time you run into a porcupine, take a quick picture, and get the heck out of there!

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