Why Having Laws for Nuisance Dog Barking is Needed

How did things get to the point they are today? In any given locality, silence can be easily broken and replaced by an unfailing, ear-jarring bark from a dog.

Dog owners for these nuisance barkers have historically (and often) ignored such  complaints leaving the protester with little to stand on as far as legal action. This has created an imbalance, pitting one neighbor against another, with outcomes of mutual satisfaction rare at best.

Rules for governing barking dogs are greatly needed in every state. The county of Kauai is one of many who are attempting to discuss and ratify this issue and create rules and regulations which will allow for an even playing field, whereas those owners responsible for these barkers will be held accountable.

If you have dealt with this issue before, know someone who has, or you just have something to say that could be helpful to others we would love to hear from you.

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