The device has worked SHOCKINGLY well for us.

I'm sitting here on my back porch this morning and all I hear are my wind-chimes and cicadas. I installed the Dog Silencer Max about 30 hours ago. I live in a typical suburban neighborhood, except the neighbor behind me has a kennel full of hunting dogs, in violation of city ordinances regarding nuisance animals and property lines. This gives me in a unique set of circumstances. Since I moved here, the peace of the neighborhood is constantly shattered by the sounds of at least 4 dogs... baying, howling, and barking. This kennel sits about 60 feet from my back porch. Imagine these beasts all going at top volume all at once, starting at about 5:30 am in the summer. For hours on end. It's insane. Since my neighbor was kind (rude) enough to build his dog kennel illegally on the property line, his dogs now have the DS Max pointing down on them about 20 feet from their heads, with a clear line of sight over the fence except for the boxes that they are locked in all day long. I have the sensitivity set low so that it is only being triggered by their vocal assault. These dogs figured it out after only a few hours. They used to bark all day long because they were either hungry, bored, or were excited because they were being fed. The device has worked SHOCKINGLY well for us. This is probably because our problem dogs are confined to a fixed location, under optimal conditions. It seems to have eliminated the boredom barking and hunger barking. I expect the dogs to get loud while they are getting fed or are otherwise excited. 5-10 minutes a day of chaotic barking is nothing. A few days ago it was a minimum of 4 hours per day. I really hope it stays this way. I recommend the swivel mount and the solar panel as well. This was definitely money well spent.

Hickory, North Carolina United States